COVID-19 Response

a church without walls

Our Initial Response

For the time being, our weekend worship services and all of our weekday ministries have been put on hold. Strathmore Alliance Church has every intention to heed the caution and recommendations of health experts, thus we have taken the steps necessary to love our community well during this time.

Therefore our weekly sermons will continue to be streamed live on Sunday mornings through our YouTube channel and we will also provide church related updates and other practical, biblical encouragement for you and your household technologically.

To receive notifications the moment we go live or upload a new video:

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Weekly Sermons

Our eternal hope is tied up in knowing, living and proclaiming the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Join us live this Sunday at 10am with your family, Bible, and coffee.

Weekly Announcements

In order to stay up to date with any changes regarding Strathmore Alliance Church, we'll be uploading a new announcement video with information and accompanying links on Tuesday of each week.

Weekly Encouragement

Perseverance in troubled times makes standing on the unshakable truth of God's Word that much more important. Discover a new video devotional on Thursday of each week.