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Summer Services

Outdoor services on August 9 & 23

While it's warm & sunny...

I don’t know how you beat the heat but, if I’ve learned anything about living in Alberta, it won’t be long before it’s snowing again. So what do you say we take advantage of the warmer weather before it’s gone?

The church leadership is in constant discussion about whether we’re ready to have services in our building again but, with the ever-changing cases and health updates, we aren’t there yet. Having heard the thoughts and feelings of many, we know that the bulk of you remain uneasy about gathering in such large numbers indoors. And as understandable as this is, we do desire to gather for worship in ways that make it as simple and appealing for all of you at this stage. So, we’re planning to hold two outdoor services in our parking lot during the sunny month of August at 10am on Sunday the 9th and Sunday the 23rd.

What you need to know...

To make this work, we’ve dug through the provincial recommendations for a gathering like this and will be moving forward with the following precautions:

  • All vehicles will be parked in the gravel parking lot
  • Someone at a designated entrance point will ask you standard health questions and record your attendance and offer you sanitizer.
  • Families will gather together in designated locations of the paved parking lot which will be 6ft from others, so don’t forget to bring your own lawn chairs
  • For the general safety and to love those around us, masks will be mandatory so that everyone can sing without worry.
  • The service will be no longer than 45 minutes in total, starting immediately at 10am so that you can plan accordingly for your family members’ needs. This is also because our building will remain closed and bathrooms unavailable.
  • To prevent any unnecessary risks, there will not be an offering taken. So please continue to give the way you have been for now.
  • Once the service ends, everyone will need to file out through a designated exit point.
  • If the weather is unsuitable, we will post a cancellation announcement by 8am which can easily be found at the top of our website homepage.

You're invited...

Of course, we recognize that this is not ideal, but this is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to worship our Lord together. I hope you’ll consider coming, but whatever decision you make in the end, we remain united and love you and encourage you in the Lord. We will be trying to do what we can to make sure the live stream is available in this setting too. So, if you’ll commit to following these and the Alberta Health guidelines during our services, bring a chair, a mask, a Bible, and a coffee, and we look forward to celebrating Christ together soon.

Reserve your spot...

This form is for those planning to attend on August 9.